About Happytables

Happytables empowers restaurant operators by identifying opportunities and taking smarter data-driven actions.

Restaurants today use multiple cloud-based applications for a variety of their needs; POS, reservations, ordering, loyalty, waitlist, social and more. Unfortunately, these applications whilst overflowing with data, do not speak to each other. Happytables taps into these various products to expose KPI's and actionable insights to the operator.

Happytables is currently in beta with operators based in London (UK). If you'd like to be considered wherever you are, join here.

Our Team

Noel Tock

CEO / Founder

Noel has been creating websites since 1995, online communities since 2001 and is a principal at Human Made, an internationally leading WordPress agency. There he oversees product development, guiding design and development in products Human Made as created or invested in.

Michael Atkinson


Over 25 years of restaurant and restaurant tech expertise, Internet technology entrepreneur, restaurateur and restaurant chain executive. Founder FohBoh.com and inFOH.com, FSMU; past CEO eSports, CFO Cheeseburger Restaurants and Aqua Restaurant Group.

Elodie Bouneau

Product Head

Elodie has spent over 6 years managing the production of web and mobile applications in San Francisco and London. As Head of Customer Experience for a fitness group, she has been focused on how technology can complement real-world service delivery to provide customers with a better experience. Elodie has a long standing passion for the restaurant and food industry, and regularly consults for businesses in this space.

Ryan McCue

Senior Developer

Ryan is well known in the WordPress community, most notably as one of the leaders of the WordPress REST API project (which originated from his Google Summer of Code project). He works parttime on Happytables through his role at Human Made.

David C Hill


David has held a number of senior positions across the globe, both in advisory and executive roles. He learnt the art of candid advice in New York whilst a Partner at PwC.

David currently serves as Non Exec Chairman of Whyte and Brown and serves on the board of 8 Foods and Urban Shore.


Happytables Limited is based out of the UK and can be reached by email at hello@happytables.com.