Derelict 1.0 Beta – Grunge WordPress Theme

Derelict is a Free WordPress Grunge Theme. It’s currently in “Beta” simply because I’d like to get some more feedback on it before giving it a final polish and going through the motions of prepping it for a potential release on

Grunge WordPress Theme - Derelict



In terms of layout, it’s a classic 2-column throwback. The blog index is designed to show full or partially complete posts (not thumb + excerpt as is the trend these days), and the jQuery slider is as simple as it gets. (sorry, no 4D cubes flying around). I also didn’t hold back on the design, it’s really dark because I designed it out of fun and not to ultimately sell it.

There’s a bunch of widget areas (one of which, the glass one, I had to remove till I figure out how to better style it). I’m open to any ideas you may have!

Features are quite straightforward:

  • WordPress 3.01 Compatible
  • Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional (CSS has some CSS3 for text, degrades though)
  • JQuery Slider linked to Posts of your choosing
  • Sidebar – 3 Different Widget Areas (Broken Glass, Metal & Transparent)
  • Footer – 4 Different Widget Areas

Design Features:

  • Center Content
  • 2 Column
  • Static Background


  1. Upload as ZIP file & Activate
  2. Create a menu called “mainmenu” in order to have a menu within the main Navigation
  3. For the Slider, use the custom fields custom_image (full URL) and custom_title (in case you want a shorter title in the slider)
  4. That’s it!

Download & Feedback

Like said, I’m still testing and making changes to this theme, so feel free to give me your feedback, I’d love to hear it.

Download Beta

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You’ll probably also want to Download the PSD for the Logo (including effect). If you like it, please retweet, I really appreciate it! Thank you…

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