Kicking off with Happytables 3

restaurant website comparison

The launch of Happytables 3 is around the corner and our beta is now live. We’ve compiled some tips to get you started. Read through our tips below and if you run into any issues, please do let us know by clicking on the “Support” button inside of Happytables.

Experiment with colours & fonts

It’s now really easy to use a lot of different colours. Make sure you pick the colours that best represent your brand.

  • Try using a bright active colour as that is the one used for links and other important call to actions, it’s supposed to stand out.
  • For the content text and background colours, try using a pair that compliment each other well and provide enough contrast. Sometimes using the same colour but at different brightnesses works well.
  • Play around with the font choices, you can be viewed as modern, classic or even playful.

restaurant website colours font

Clean up your logo

You have a beautiful logo and you want it front and centre on your new website. Logo’s are challenging because sometimes their format isn’t quite right:

  • You may have additional space around the logo within the image file, misaligning the image. The solution is to crop the image to the exact dimensions of the logo.
  • You may have a background colour that is interfering with the logo, thus not making it transparent. The solution here is to remove any background colour fills and save it as a PNG file.

restaurant logo

If you run into any issues here or need help, simply talk to us or send us your logo (email and we’ll format it correctly for you as well as upload it.

Use photos effectively

You probably have a lot of photography. Websites are a bit like billboards though, you don’t want to go overboard with content.

  • Strike the right balance between food and location photography, you want to provide a complete picture of your establishment.
  • Choose only your best photography, there’s no reason to show more than 3-4 images on your homepage.

restaurant food photography

Pick a design that respects your food menu

Happytables 3 comes with a number of food menu design options.

  • If you have a short menu, consider using the single column design.
  • If you have a lot of drinks, consider using the two or three column design.
  • You can use different designs together, just make sure you’ve already created the separate menus within the dashboard.

restaurant food menu design

Instagram for the win!

Our latest version of Happytables also boasts an Instagram integration, which means anything you upload there will be reflected on your website!

  • When using Instagram, upload images that do not have borders or cropping, this will otherwise break up the design on the website.
  • Try being consistent with the style of your photography or filters, this will in turn make the website look a lot better.

restaurant instagram

Create a one-pager

People have become incredibly time-poor, companies continually trying to compete for their attention.

  • It’s so easy to try and publish all the content that is on your hard drive, but resist the temptation and focus on what you believe is most important to users visiting your website.
  • On our older versions of Happytables, 71% of users clicked through to the food menu as a first action, how about listing it in on your front-page if it’s long enough.

Don’t forget mobile

Last but not least, keep an eye on your mobile website. 53% of our traffic now comes from mobile devices, so it’s more important than ever that your site looks good in both desktop and mobile browsers.

restaurant mobile web design

We hope you’re having fun building your new website on Happytables 3. If you run into any issues or need help, don’t hesitate to reach out to us by pressing the “Support” button inside of Happytables or e-mailing us at

Existing Customers: If you’re currently on Happytables 2, you will need a new account. It will be a few weeks before we will be able to migrate your accounts to Happytables 3. If you create a new site on Happytables 3 now, we will be able to migrate your domain if you so wish!

Noel Tock
Founder / Product Design
Noel leads up Happytables, bouncing between managing it, product design and growing the business. If he's not grilling tuna, he's drinking craft beers.