Happytables & IENS Partnership


Today, we’re proud to announce a partnership with IENS, the largest restaurant directory in the Netherlands whom also own and operate SeatMe, the largest reservation partner for Dutch restaurants. IENS boasts 1.5 million registered users and seats over 300,000 guests per month. Happytables will be IENS’s exclusive restaurant website provider till at least the beginning of 2017.

This will also make IENS our largest white label partner; combining our technology with their local sales and support staff to provide the best possible offering to restaurants locally. Happytables will be part of the “EasyWeb” bundle that IENS will offer.

On any given week, the Happytables ecosystem averages between 40 and 55% traffic from mobile devices. The customer landscape has never been as fragmented amongst so many devices. It has become more important than ever to provide an experience that not only informs and is accessible, but consistently drives visitors to action (making a reservation or subscribing to a newsletter). Our responsibility, beyond simply providing websites is also one of monitoring visitor action and traffic to continuously increase engagement (not only adding value to IENS’s bottom-line, but also to all restaurants using SeatMe).

This relationship will also benefit regular Happytables customers in the future. In first line, restaurants who have been waiting on a multilingual feature can start becoming excited as that is now on our immediate roadmap. On the flip side, it does also mean that we will have to end affiliate relationships targeting the Dutch market (a separate e-mail will be sent later today).

This partnership brings together the best of both worlds, the latest technology coupled with hyperlocal distribution and knowledge. We’re very excited to have been able to partner with such a talented team and look forward to bringing up the quality of restaurant websites in the Netherlands.

Noel Tock
Founder / Product Design
Noel leads up Happytables, bouncing between managing it, product design and growing the business. If he's not grilling tuna, he's drinking craft beers.