Adding a Gallery to your Restaurant Website

If you haven’t tried Happytables yet, try it today. Since last week, you now have the ability to automatically create a Gallery Page for your restaurant.

How does it work?

Using the same “Gallery” page in the dashboard, you can now select images to be used in the slider (the images that slide on the homepage). All remaining images (will have a dark blue button) are then automatically added to a Gallery page in your navigation, yay! It’s that simple.


This will produce a gallery page which users can then open:

Gallery for Restaurant Website

You can see above that I’m activating some images to be used on the Slider (turning green), whilst those remaining (blue button) become part of the Gallery Page.

Oh yeah, and we also added re-ordering. A number of you had asked for that too!

Noel Tock
Founder / Product Design
Noel leads up Happytables, bouncing between managing it, product design and growing the business. If he's not grilling tuna, he's drinking craft beers.